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Some stickies founder with zillions of comments. I don't quite understand why that should be the case.

When a contribution is considered to be of such significance as to be a Sticky, why can't the Moderators in concert with the original poster (if there is one) edit it to be crisp, accurate, and useful?

Maybe stickies shouldn't have an OP. If they represent general knowledge and rules, the person doing the first post on the subject could simply be credited in a footnote. If they are of the nature of tips and tricks, extraneous posts could simply be deleted or summarized.

As case on point, the Electronic Tips and Tricks sticky is 40 posts and 4 pages long. I wonder how many members actually refer to that thread, as it exists now, for new ideas?



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That Tips and Tricks thread is a good example of "too many cooks...". We have an idea or two under consideration.