Steve Jobs Died


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Steve Wozniak was the hardware meastro behind Steve Jobs' marketing savvy, so Woz definitely bears mention anytime the history of Apple is discussed. Who knows, The Woz might even visit this forum from time to time.


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Steve Jobs walks up to the pearly gates and is greeted by Saint Peter.
Saint Peter scrolls through the photo album on an iPad and finds Steve's photo and lets him in.

Bill Gates shows up at the pearly gate but St. Peter cannot locate his photo on the iPad.
Bill pleads, "But I did send you my photo from my PC".

St. Peter says, "sorry, my iPad doesn't do Windows".


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Ha ha good one.

But in my minds eye, I see Bill asking his assistant to crack open the bulging crate of greenbacks they brought along, at which point St. Peter takes a quick phone call, then hurriedly adds " I'm so terribly sorry for the delay, Mr. Gates. Protocol and all that, you understand. Do, step in, and shall I summon the Rolls or the Bentley today sir ?"


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Guys if were talking morality between S. Jobs and Bill Gates, Bill Gates is a freaking saint. Monster its well known Bill Gates plans to give 90% of his money away in his will to charities, and leave his kids a small sum.


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Bill Gates has made the single largest donation ever, towards research aimed at discovering a cure to malaria, one of the most destructive illnesses in natural occurrence. And that is just one of numerous such worthy causes he has quietly funded.

If eligibility for sainthood were to be expressed in human lives saved and lives improved, then Maxpower's use of the word in reference to Bill Gates is fitting.

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Agreed, the Bill and Melinda gates foundation is one of the largest of it's type, and has made a lot of process in eradicating diseases in many 3rd world countries.