Steve Jobs Died


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I was and still am a big Mac user and iPad fan. I had built my own 68K system before the Mac appeared. Both Mac and iPad concepts I could only dream of. Apple turned them into reality. Steve was a great visionary and changed the computing world.


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A reminder of my apple story in the garden of Eve,the
APPLE was there, the worm as the one, the worm hole
in the Apple as the 0 ,the worm also became a computer virus.


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I had thought the apple with a bite missing was a tribute (right word?) to Alan Turing who killed himself with a poisoned apple.

Am I wrong?


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Men like Stephen Jobs and Bill Gates will be recorded by history as a couple of the most innovative high-tech game-changers ever to walk this planet.

If it is true that most human beings only utilize 20% of their true cranial capacity, I would hazard a guess that the above two gentlemen were and are major exceptions to that estimate, in that they both obviously occupy a higher realm of consciousness in which they fired on all available cognitive cylinders from the get-go.


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It would be an insult to put Steve Jobs in the same league with Bill Gates.
The IBM-PC/Intel/Windows design is one of the most asinine computer legacies that Bill Gates was a part of and Steve Jobs fought vehemently against.


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From my layman's perspective, Mr. Chips, both Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are on equal par, in that both recognized mega-lucrative commercial opportunities very early on, and became richer than many a nation by simply marketing their innovative concepts, for better or worse. That is my understanding of the American Dream writ large - very large.

Outside the high-tech realm, Sir Richard Branson is another individual whom I regard as super-human in both intellectual capacity, AND its practical application.


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I believe Jobs & Wozniak chose the apple as their logo as it was always their intent for computers to be comprehensible to the average person. When the apple I was introduced computers were build by nerds for nerds.

Apples were for real people who just want to get some work done.

An apple is what you bring to your beloved teacher.


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Just by seeing all what he did I keep wondering about my own life. Just pure waste of efforts to cope with the urgent, never the important...

People like him, I admire them.


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It would be an insult to put Steve Jobs in the same league with Bill Gates.
The IBM-PC/Intel/Windows design is one of the most asinine computer legacies that Bill Gates was a part of and Steve Jobs fought vehemently against.
One thing I will say along these lines (and this is a personal opinion) is that, for me, long ago Bill Gates took the fun out of using computers and eventually Steve Jobs put the fun back in.

In the early days, I used microprocessors and many of those first computers. In college I had a Vic20 and Commodore 64 that I could program in assembly or in BASIC, and I had a blast doing that. Then IBM computers became available, and I used these with DOS. This was OK, but of course there was that stupid 640K RAM barrier that limited my fortran simulations and other important computer based tasks. Then Windows came which broke that 640 K limit but also made the whole thing a major drag (figuratively and literally). I then switched to unix systems which worked like a dream, but it was purely for work tasks. I still have 2 working Sun stations at home, but I don't use them any more.

About 6 years ago, I made the commitment to switch to Macs and to slowly figure out how to get all the engineering software I need working in the Mac environment. This would then let me do both work and hobby fun-stuff on one machine and in one environment. It has taken a while, and I only recently achieved that goal. I had to initially use Paralells-software with a windows operating system running on the side, for a couple of key enigneering programs, but now I don't need it anymore. Over these 6 years, I have been having fun again with computers. Everything in the Mac environment is easy and fun, while the windows stuff is clunky at best and a major headache much too often for my liking.

Thank you Steve Jobs.


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Here is my abridged list of what was wrong with the PC/Intel/Windows machine:

Intel - the use of segment registers

IBM PC - the use of Intel
640K barrier
extended/expanded memory gobbledygook
the memory hole beyond 640K
device address/ IRQ nightmare
RS-232 (I would have used a single wire RCA jack interface)
The darn twisted cable on the floppy-drive interface

MS-DOS/Windows - we know the legacy

The Apple Macintosh fixed all of this.

(But let us not give all the credit to Steve Jobs and Apple. Xerox and the team at PARC did it first with Smalltalk and the Xerox Star.)

Steve Jobs knew what he did not like and was good at making sure it didn't enter into his designs.
No cooling fans in the Mac. No multiple buttons on the mouse. Simple. Minimalistic. Intuitive.
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No cooling fans in the Mac. No multiple buttons on the mouse. Simple. Minimalistic. Intuitive.
I gotta give him props on cutting out cooling fans, but the lack of buttons is something I HATE. Just use 2 buttons like the rest of the world and get over it, it's a lot easier than that darnd command button.

They also make it much harder to work with the software, requiring ipods and such to be jail-broken and whatnot, which I am not a fan of.

That said, windows sucks. I'm soon switching to linux.


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Windows serves my gaming needs. I 'm not changing them anytime soon. Habit is a strong factor too. I sure can run windows now more effectively than I will use Linux a year from now if I started everyday use today.


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It is interesting, I hear how the Apple II was first, and was the only competition against IBM. Up until around 1990 the #1 selling computer in the world was a C64, and the Commodore PET came out about the same time as the original Apple II. There were other computers of course, but Commodore came very close to beating Apple, courtesy of Jack Trammel. There was a time the Amiga was the premier video editing computer, most of the episodes of Babylon 5 were made with it. He was also pushed out of his company, and the headquarters was moved to the Bahamas, where the company was basically milked to death.

It is interesting seeing the revisionist history going on.

I am not disrespecting Mr. Jobs, he was really good at what he did, but he invented very little. What he was great at was improving what was out there, making it usable for people that weren't techies. He is missed.