Stereo amplifier with bass booster

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    Aug 1, 2008
    Hi everebody! First of all i need to apologize on my english, it's not very good
    and if i make some mistakes i hope you will understand it
    I'm interested on some ideas about this project.
    (all solutions and diferences among them)
    I have allready started this and a i have some problems.
    The basic idea is to create audio amplifier which amplifies
    all audible frequencies, and add some circuit which will
    amplify bass frequencies. (few decibels). All with op-amps.
    So, the (ideal) amplitude characteristic will look like this -->(picture 1)
    (gain in bass range must be adjustable)
    I have create this circuit --> (picture 2, this is
    just one block, not stereo),
    but this don't do the work! I tried to place filter
    circuit in other part of feedback (parallel with R1, of course
    with changed values for R-C), but
    still it's the same result...--- no bass frequency change!
    I'm using LM1877.
    (I put these values just for the testing, so the critical
    frequency is set to 1 KHz. In real circuit i need to
    amplify frequencies from 30 Hz to 170 Hz, without loss of
    high frequencies and overall volume).
    I'm very grateful on all answers, ideas and explanations.
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    Apr 5, 2008
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    Your schematic is a fuzzy JPG file type instead of a very clear GIF or PNG file type so I can`t reed the IC`s pin number.

    The inputs of the LM1877 must have a resistor connecvted to the bias pin 1. Pin 1 must have a capavitor to ground.

    The resistor from pin 7 to ground and pin 8 to ground must be in series with a capacitor to ground.

    These things are shown in the datasheet.