Stepper motor

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I would like to know whethet stepper motors can be used for steer by wire application in car?

How to select a stepper motor for a specific application?

what are the parameters to be considered in selecting a stepper motor for an application?


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I'm sure that steppers could be used for steering a car, but what is the manual backup for failures?

To make a selection, you amass specifications from manufacturers, and read them to see what any particular motor can do.

You need to determine the space available to see if the motor will fit, and determine if its output torque is sufficient for the work it needs to do. Also look at resolution ( steps per revolution) and operating voltage/current. Each stepper will have a maximum stepping rate (like 5000 steps/second) which will determine how fast it can turn.

All this is elementary information about stepper motors, something you could easily have learned for yourself.


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Just make sure that the stepper is able to hold the kickback from the wheel and the torque is always larger than the maximum steering torque. Otherwise you'd loose the calibrated position. You also need to find a way to calibrate the steering initially.

I would go with a closed-loop control system, like a servo or a linear motor with rotary encoder, rather than stepper motor. Just to make sure the position is always correct and accurate.