Stepper Motor Substitution

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    I want to find a Cheaper replacement Stepper Motor then what the manufacture wants to sell me. It is being used in a redemption game called Slam A Winner and it drives a platter around in a CC direction all day long. They use the stepper to determine what hole the ball had fallen through. The motor that is in it is a AstroSyn 23LY-C205-03V They want 128.00 for a replacement motor.

    My question is what specs on a stepper motor have to be matched exactly and what specs can just be close?

    I know you have to get the degree correct. This one is a .9 degree and it is a Hybrid that is using only four of the six wires.

    But what about the


    The Astrosyn has the following:
    Model Number 23LY-C205
    Voltage 4.0volts
    Current 1.10 amps
    Resistance 3.6ohm
    Holding Torque 3000
    Inductance 5.3mH
    Rotor Inertia 55.0 g-cm2
    Detent Torque 250 g-cm
    Weight 360 grams

    I know what a lot of you are thinking, it depends on the controller? Unfortuantly I think it is a custom controller and I don't have any info on it. It can't be replaced with a generic one, I am pretty sure of that.

    But there has to be some general guidelines I can follow??

    I have searched for answers to this question but could not really find anything. Perhaps I worded the search wrong.

    Anyone help me with this?

    Thanks very much,