stepper motor problem!!!

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hi every1 ! i was driving a stepper motor ....few days ago the motor was in working condition although there were vibrations in it but it was in working condition....but today when i checked it it is not even rotating on the same program....i have checked properly the internal wires ..all is fine .Then i checked stepper motor through battery method i hope u know the battery method that is just give ground to common and 1 by 1 give 5v to all the wires of motor will take jerk and when i checked this today i was very surprised to observe that at 1 time only 2 wires is taking jerk and step....that two wires are not fixed when i checked it several times the wires which were taking jerk were different.

i dont know what is happened and i am very worried about this problem.what does it mean ?plz help me out


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Did you get the wires mixed up?

If you have a multimeter you can test the ohms on resistance range. Connect a meter lead to the one common wire, and 4 other wires which have equal ohms compared to each other.

If some have double the ohms, it means you got the common lead mixed up.

If you tell us the colours of the wires (or a photo) we can help you better.