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    Oct 23, 2004
    hey guys,
    I just bought a 4 wire stepper motor (bipolar i believe) from a surplus store, and I want to experiment with controlling the motor via labview.

    As far as i know, the motor requires that i energize and de-energize 2 of the wires in a sequece, and have the other two inverted Red Blue / Yellow White). Energizing and denergizing in a sequence allows the motor to rotate 4 steps.

    Now, I have a NI daq which outputs digital data no prob. I'm using 4 bits from one of the ports to connect to the 4 wires of the motor. LabView requires that i pass an array to the daq ( which i believe represents the data sent to the port).

    I know the sequece of vectors that i want to send out to the daq to make this motor rotate a full revolution, my question is , what block can I use to basically change the output in a sequencial order (kind of like a loop).

    I tried using a Stacked Sequence structure, however the outputs from one case interfere with the outputs from an case ( the wires interfere)

    Any ideas...? I know my post is kinda hard to understand... just woke UP :p
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    Oct 31, 2007
    ya now i am doing this experiment in my lab and i will tell when i finish...



    PI Abu dhabi
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