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    Mar 27, 2008
    I'm having trouble getting my stepper motor to step clockwise. Can someone help me with my code to see what I'm missing?

    #include <mc9s12dp256.h>

    //structure definition, type definition, initialize struct - rotation sequence
    struct rotate{ // holds a rotation sequence (multiple rotations)
    int num_steps; // 100 = 100 steps (360 degrees if stepangle = 3.6 degrees)
    int direction; // 1=CW, 0=CCW
    typedef struct rotate rot_type;

    rot_type sequence[2] = { // this table defines the 2 rotations in the sequence
    {100,1}, // 100 steps CW
    {50,0} // 50 steps CCW

    //structure definition, type definition, initialize struct - coil patterns
    struct state{ // a linked structure (one structure for each state)
    unsigned char patrn; // coil pattern
    struct state *Next[2]; // holds next state if direction = 0,1
    typedef struct state state_type;
    // state 0 is defined by the 0th structure in fsm, state 1 by the 1st, etc.
    #define S0 &fsm[0]
    #define S1 &fsm[1]
    #define S2 &fsm[2]
    #define S3 &fsm[3]

    state_type fsm[4] = { // motor specific -- a structure containing 4 structures
    {0x33,{S1,S3}}, // coil pattern and next state when current state is S0
    {0x66,{S2,S0}}, // ditto when current state is S1, etc..

    //function prototypes
    void delayv(void);
    void load_swi_addr(void);

    void main(){
    int i, steps;
    state_type *ptr; // setup a pointer to a state-type data structure...
    ptr = S0; // ...and initialize it to point to state S0 in fsm
    load_swi_addr( );
    DDRB |= 0xF0; // PB7-PB4 output
    for(i=0;i<2;i++){ // 2 rotations in the sequence
    steps = sequence.num_steps;
    PORTB = ptr->patrn;//send out coil pattern of state pointed to by ptr
    ptr = ptr->Next[sequence.direction];//pt to appropriate next state
    delayv( ); //wait before sending another pattern
    steps--; //keep rotating until all steps in current rotation are sent

    void delayv( ){ // adjust count for motor application
    unsigned int i,j;

    void load_swi_addr( ){
    asm("ldx #$ef00");
    asm("stx $3e76"); //loads the isr for swi into the pseudo-vector table
    /********* end of file ***********************/
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    Reformatted you source code to make it more readable.