Stepper motor driving with high torque in max. speed

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Hi Er.s

I'm working with my project which was driving a bipolar stepper motor in high speed (600 rpm). I'm using L297, MOSFET driver, H-Bridge(power MOSFETS). And MUC to feed clock pulse to L297. The current was sensed by a simple series resistor. My motor was running well without any noise and jerks. The problem was, when i'm trying to run the motor in some more higher speed, the motor losses its torque and strucking. ( the motor shaft was in a mechanical gear arrangment to move a small roller). Is there any special way to feed the pulses to run with same torque in higher speed? where i've to concentrate? (current sensing method?) i tried even by directly grounding the current sensing pins of L297 ( disabling current sensing)

Please providse me a opt solution to go further steps. Thank you all great Egineers.
-- Suresh:)


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How many steps/second were you driving the motor with? And what is the maximum rate for that motor?

Stepper motors have very poor torque characteristics at high speed. That is usually 5000 steps/second. At 200 steps/revolution, that is only 25 RPM.


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If you pulse the motor too fast then it does not reach the next pole before the next pulse occurs (inertia and lot of weight on its shaft) and it looses sychronisation.


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I am using this method

for driving my bipolar stepper motor ranged 1.8 Degree to turns 180 degree but always it turns 7.1 degree lower than 180,
whereas i am using exactly this method just in reverse position it turns accurate 180 degree, so what is wrong?

straight position: 0x01 0x04 0x02 0x08 0x01 0x04 ........
reverse position: 0x01 0x08 0x02 0x04 0x01 0x08.........

Is there any thing Wrong with content of this image?
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