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    Aug 7, 2009
    hi guys,

    i have a 5v unipolar stepper motor and im very undecided about what driver circuit to use. my microcontroller outputs approx 20mA and i need my driver circuit to amp it to 500mA. i dont really want to use an H-bridge simply because i'll need two since its a unipolar stepper.any help??
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    You can run a small, logic level mosfet directly from a microcontroller. By small, I mean one that will handle at least 10 amp. You may need a gate resistor (about200 ohm) to limit the max current drawn from the MCU as it charges the mosfet gate. As discussed in the thread above, the main issue is turn-on time and heating.

    You actually are starting a new thread by adding your question to a very old existing thread. An AAC moderator will probably move this post to its own thread, which improves organization and will increase the liklihood of getting more responses.

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