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    Jul 4, 2008
    Hi everyone,

    I m working on an inverter design using a H-bridge configuration
    to create a step-wave curve.
    The voltage step is range (10,0,-10).
    Four H-bridges are a=3,0,-3
    If there is a sine wave of 360 angle how it will be steped using the above configuration i want to develop a table which will show all 256 steps 128 on positive side & 128 on negative side with respect to all four H-bridges.

    Now out of 256 combination one angle is equal to x=(1.41degree)min
    y=A Sine(x).
    y will be the amplitude for each step there will be 256 steps
    Now how will i know let suppose y=3.566 it is a total of all four bridges at certain degree what is the value at a,b,c&d & sum ups 3.566

    Kindly help me out
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    Dec 20, 2007
    If an inverter used voltage steps then its Mosfets would dissipate too much heat.
    High frequency Pulse-Width-Modulation is usually used instead where the Mosfets switch on on completely then switch off completely so they don't waste power getting hot.