steady state analysis

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    Aug 9, 2008
    hello ,
    In the circuit shown steady state was reached when the switch s was open.
    The switch was closed at t = 0.the initial value of the current through the capacitor 2c is ?

    my attempt.
    The initial voltage we get on 2c is 12v.when the switch is closed it starts discharging through the parallel combination of 4 and 2 time constant becomes 8c/3 and hence discharging current = 2c x d / dt[( 12 exp (-3t/8c))].at t = 0 we get -9A.
    now to get the total current we have to find the charging current can we find this without the values of L,C what would be the maximum charging voltage?
    By the way the answer given is 0 ampere.