Stator Plate

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I imported a vespa vbc 125 from vietnam. When it arrived the horn didnt work and everytime i applied the break at night the rear bulb blew, however the front light is super bright. During the day the break light is ultra weak. A motorbike mechanic, after inspection, informed me it was the stator plate, only one of the three coils are working he then informed me that he couldnt source another plate. Several people have told me that it cant be the stator plate or the scooter wouldnt go it must be the regulator. I tend to believe the mechanic. If this is the case there must be a way I can get it fixed or replaced. I have looked on the internet and there are stator plates out there but how do I know which one is the right one for my scooter. All I know is that my scooter is supposedly a Vespa VBC but the VBC are the first three letters of the chasis number (surely thats not the model). I'm confused and my dream of owning a scooter since I was a teenager is somewhat floored. 1. Does it sound like the Stator plate. 2.How can I tell the model of my Vespa - all I know is that it was manufactured in 1966 and 3. If I took the Stator plate out (not sure how though) will it have a model number on it which will help me buy the correct one. :eek: