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    Greetings - I'm new & just found this great site.
    Sorry, I can't get my pics to show larger.

    Questions for motor brainiacs...

    Motor appears to be wired permanently for 110VAC; Run windings are joined internally {with T1 to T3 and T2 to T4}

    Motor has a three-wire "stationary" switch controlled by the centrifugal/mechanical switch. One internal wire [marked "J something"] goes to one terminal of Cap; the other two wires [J10 & J11] go to external wires [a Red and a White/Black, respectively].

    The "Other" Cap wire [internally marked T8] goes to Start winding. The Start winding then goes externally to T5, a White wire.

    This trolley motor direction was constantly reversed.

    How does this stationary switch work? How is it hooked up externally to provide for CW/CCW rotation?

    If say, the T5 wire was wired HOT/L1, what did they do with J10 & J11? I am assuming this scheme is for CW/CCW control....???

    The external Blue & Orange wires go to an internal "Thermostat" buried within the stator...are these the typical P1 & P2? If so, is the thermostat wired externally to some over-temp alarm, or is it wired in series with the Run windings?