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    I am wondering looking at an old 2003 FCC allocation of frequency chart
    I am coming to the conclusion that all the TV channels thru the air are
    being broadcasting in UHF or VHF
    I know there is alot of other ranges like
    EHF = Extremely high frequency (Microwaves)
    SHF = Super high frequency (Microwaves)
    UHF = Ultrahigh frequency
    VHF = Very high frequency
    HF = High frequency
    MF = Medium frequency
    LF = Low frequency
    VLF = Very low frequency
    VF = Voice frequency
    ELF = Extremely low frequency

    I was just curious if currently TV is useing a different range other then UHF or VHF. NOT CONSIDERING TV SATELLITE BROADCASTS OBVIOUS THESE FALL IN OTHER RANGES THEN UHF AND VHF. Just looking at what the current TV air broadcasts are allocated for with the FCC.

    Is those other ranges just basically for FM and AM and radar technologies for the most part or are there TV/ other applications normally on those ranges? <--looking at the 2003 chart FCC it seems like mostly those 3 AM,FM or radar

    Question 2
    Same type of question as above, but for mobile phone provider curious what the allowable frequencies / channels for mobile phones/cell phones. We have so many different cell phones they must all have to use some standard range allocated by the FCC or some sections of the microwave spectrum/RF spectrum normally

    I guess at this 2003 chart it is scattered for mobile phones or at least if "mobile light purple" corresponds to the mobile phones that normal users use. Curious what ranges are for customer and what the rest are for in terms of mobile
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