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    May 7, 2009
    I have a big digital logic test today and i was reviewing some homework problems when i came over one i just could not figure out.

    The question asks to create a state table for the given circuit with excitation equations given.(not sure if i need to use excitation equations or not)

    Ive been looking at this problem for about 30 min and just cant figure out where to start. Ive created the excitation table, but i cant figure out what state comes next.

    the excitation equations are
    J1=xQ0 K1= Q0(with a bar on top) J0=xQ1 K0=Q1 (The circuit has two JK flip flops) Z=xQ1

    From what i remember what our professor told us the chart should look like

    Q1 Q0| 0 | 1
    0 0 | 0 0/0 | 0 0/0
    0 1 | 0 1/0 |1 /1/1
    1 1 |
    0 1 |
    any help is really appreciated thank you.