Starting light system

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I would like to build a starting light similar to the one used in Global Rallycross.

The light sequence can be seen here

There are 5 red lights that turn on in a sequence then all go off. After 3-5 seconds the green lights all turn on starting the race.

I would like to drive trailer/reverse lights as the output and was thinking of using a decade counter. Perhaps a circuit like this could work ?

I am unsure how to get a random 3-5 seconds after the red lights turn off.



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In the find box, upper right of this page, put in HubertH, and go down to pseudo time delay. Look it over and see if any part fits your need. We can modify & combine to fit your need. & as usual, Hubert did not give us a final report.


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It's all down in pencil & papper, just need to ink it in & find out how long the green
lights stay on, as of now they are set for 5 sec.
Looks like 5, 555's; 2 4022's [ or 4017 with pins changed ]; 1 4071 OR; 1 invertor; & drivers, MOSFETS or transistors.