Starting a home hobby lab - where to get equipment

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I'm looking for suggestings for a shoe-string budget to get equipment for a home hobby lab setup.

Items like power supplies, general parts, testing gear - I'd like to know what are suggested ways to feed my hobby??



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For starters, I would suggest:

  • Different set of pliers
  • Different set of tweesers
  • Different set of screw drivers, Flat and Phillips
  • Multimeter
  • Some sort of third hand to hold PCBs while soldering
  • Magnifying glasses
  • Good light
  • A computer nearby with the Net
  • A 12v battery
  • Some sort of voltage regulator
  • A super-good system for archiving your components

My power supply is a modified ATX PC PSU. Both 12v and 5v. Works for me. :)

Good luck with your new lab.:)

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