start capacitor in tape recorder

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    Mar 21, 2010
    hello everyone

    i had a few questions regarding a current rebuild im having trouble with.

    the unit is a truvox r94 tube based tape recorder. the issue w the machine is...the motors have very little juice to actually pull the reels across the tape path. If i put in a tape loop w no reels, itll play,rwd,ffwd fairly well. The moment i place any real load on the unit with an actual reel of tape, the motors lag considerably, they crawl up their speed, RWD is impossible, while FFWD occurs after a few moments.

    I have thus recapped the two run caps and was not the issue. Motors still show the same sluggish behavior. Pinch poller is clean and soft. its a motor driven unit so no belts that could be slipping. Im at a loss. Im assuming now all that could left is the start cap. its a triple section cap of 50uf x3 at 350v (425v surge) where can i find one of these, or how should i go about wiring a triple section cap from individual components?

    its a UK built machine so the voltage selection was made via the internal power tranny. its able to step down to 110v. could there be an issue here?

    i would greatly appreciate any sort of help!! thank you very much.