Star wound generator voltages?

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Just a quick question , a gen. labeled 115v/200v , 20A i s the 200v the line voltage and 115v the phase voltage . If thats correct is the bigger voltage always the line voltage .line voltage= phase voltage x 1.73 .. and is there a specific layout for stating gen rating ie phase first / then line / then amps.


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The rating is 115/230 volts, 20 amps. The output panel should have two 115 volt outlets, and one 230 volt.

The alternator has two windings, which are joined internally - the 115 volt AC common line. The 115 volt output comes from one or the other winding, while the 230 volt output comes across both in series. The current limitation is 20 amps, whether from any one one outlet, or from all three together.


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The alternator, being a 3-phase, has 3 coils of 115 volts each, wound such that the phases differ by exactly 120 degrees. The ends of the 3 coils are connected together (in star). The free ends will then have a voltage of 115V x 1.73 = 198.95V between any two of the three loose ends(200V nominal).
In this star-connection, the phase current = the line current (20 A in your case).