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i have this star trac model treadmill (4000), and the thing 'blew up' because the place i bought it from gave me wrong info.

here's the story: because the model i have is 220v (and because i didn't want to put in a 220v line in my basement where the treadmill is located), the shop repair manager told me to get a step up/down transformer. he even guided me to the place to buy it, etc.

so i got it. the transformer has a switch - 110 and 220. in hindsight, this must have been the mistake, as the manager told me to switch it to the 110v side. i assumed he was right...what do i know, i have no knowledge in this area.

i plugged it in, turned it on, and around where the board is i heard and saw a flash pop. then smoke. the thing completely short-circuited out. it smelled like an electrical fire. no flames...but the smell was everywhere.

i guess the transformer should have been switched to 220V instead? who knows. what confused me was even if it was incorrectly switched to the 110V, why would it have blown up?...the treadmill requires 220V, so if anything the transformer would have given it either the right amount of juice or not enough...not MORE than enough to blow up the i right? so not sure what really happened here.

so now my question to your experts: what happened and is this fixable? and any guidance you can provide on how to fix?

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It's better to start a new thread with a question.

Your description of the transformer hookup is hard to follow. And what component fried.