Stanely Miyers and electrolysis

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I'm looking for someone who can help me with me Water fuel project.

here is some of Stans work.

The Hydrogen Fracturing Process dissociates the water molecule by way of voltage stimulation, ionizes the combustible gases by electron ejection and, then, prevents the formation of the water molecule during thermal gas ignition ... releasing thermal explosive energy beyond "normal" gas burning levels under control state ... and the atomic energy process is environmentally

Hydrogen Fracturing Process
Using "Voltage Potential" to stimulate the water molecule
to produce atomic energy on demand

Operational Parameters

Pulsing Transfonner

The pulsing transformer (A/G) steps up the voltage amplitude or voltage potential during pulsing
operations. The primary coil is electrically isolated (no electrical connection between primary and
secondary coil) to form Voltage Intensifier Circuit (AA) . Voltage amplitude or voltage
potential is increased when secondary coil (A) is wrapped with more turns of wire. Isolated electrical
ground (J) prevents electron flow from input circuit ground.
Blocking Diode
Blocking Diode (B) prevents electrical "shorting" to secondary coil (A) during pulse-off time since
the diode "only" conducts electrical energy in the direction of the schematic arrow.
LC Circuit
Resonant Charging Choke (C) in series with Excitor-array (El/E2) forms an inductor-capacitor circuit
(LC) since the Excitor-Array (ER) acts or performs as an capacitor during pulsing operations, as
illustrated in Figure (1-2) as to Figure (1-1).
The Dielectric Properties (insulator to the flow of amps) of natural water (dielectric constant being
78.54 @ 25c) between the electrical plates (El/E2) forms the capacitor (ER). Water now becomes part
of the Voltage Intensifier Circuit in the form of "resistance" between electrical ground and pulsefrequency
positive-potential ... helping to prevent electron flow within the pulsing circuit (AA) of



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This doesn't look much to me like you want assistance and you are just trying to push your site. I'll give you 24 hours to prove me otherwise.


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I'm a 20 year old looking for some help with this project. I had a 47 cc weed wacker engine run off of hydrogen that was extracted from water (electrolysis).

The web site talks about stans work. He was on to something. Please help


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Maybe Stan was onto something, but without an idea of how your experiment worked and a clue of what you are trying to achieve then you have to understand my suspicions.

Please read this to understand how we expect you to approach posting projects here at AAC.



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When you burn hydrogen and oxygen, water results (with heat). His so-called "hydrogen fracturing process" is not something that can happen give the way the universe works.

You might also be interested in pursuing the late Philo T. Farnsworth and his Farnsworth Fusor, that achieves nuclear fusion in a specially-made vacuum tube. Not sure that made it to the Patent Office either.

If you google "perpetual motion", I'm sure you'll find many similar devices that just had one little bit of developmental glitch to overcome.
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