Stable rpm in AC motor while torque changes

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Hello ppl!!!!

My assignment's topic is:

"Stable rpm in AC motor with variable torque"
-keeping stable velocity while torque changes.

It's a theoretical assignment for electrical and electronics module. I need to present theoretical stuff as well as some graphs.

I need to mention VFDs and inverters' use.

Do you what I should write about? I mean is there an outline for this piece of assignment? What do you suggest me to do?

I've been searching the web for a lot of hours but I seem to be quite confused as there is no clear outline about the things I must write about. I know it seems to be an easy essay, but unfortunately I must confess I am not very good at theory :)

Any help would be higly appreciated.


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More to the point, how do you want to structure your assignment? We can give advice, but it is your assignment and your grade, not ours.

It looks as if you need to have a good understanding of induction motors and variable frequency drives for them. In addition, how to incorporate a servo loop to hold the motor spped constant as the load changes. You might know of a better way to control the motor speed.