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Originally posted by Andy Brown@Dec 1 2005, 01:10 PM
Can anyone tell me where i can download spice 2g6. I'm running windows xp if that helps
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Assuming that you want to run the command line text version go to the bottom of the page at this spice link. There are links to three files at the bottom of the page. This is a DOS version. I have not tested it to see if it runs in the winXP simulated DOS window. See Volume 5, Reference for details of operation, assuming it works in WinXp. I am a Linux user and have only used that version with good results. The spice plots in Volume 2, AC were produced with the Linux version and the nutmeg graphical interface for display of results.

Linear Technology, an analog semiconductor company, has a program called "switcher CAD", which is spiced based with schematic capture and graphical display. It will handle general circuits in additon to "switching regulator" circuits. Try that for a windows oriented product-- free. I hav not used it