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Hello i just joined in quick Thanks to every one who is a member for posting and sharing ideas. Allright i am a total begginer at this so i started to read online books by Tony R. Kuphaldt, i am on chapter 2 volume one and i am stuck at
Computer simulation of electric circuits I down loaded 3 files spice.exe, 32rtm.exe, and dpmi32vm.ovl from http://www.ibiblio.org/kuphaldt/electricCircuits/
when i exteracted spice.exe a Dos window pops up and it doesnt look same as Spice program showed in the Pics of that book infact there is no tool box at the tops its just a DOS window and you can type whatever. I am running windows XP and i am not that great at computer i am still learning please help me set this Spice program up so i can get back to it. I hope i posted this in the correct section.
Thank you