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    Oct 22, 2011
    okk, trying to implement a uSD card, tracing down an issue with the FSInit (wasnt passing this call)
    it gets stuck on this line: clear = getcSPI();
    and i dont know why? theres something screwy with my spi bus i think, i dunno whats going on with it, but i cant communicate with my accelerometer either, i thought it was the higher than should be voltage but now im not so sure..

    i have got the SD card sorted, problems are/were a) my hardware was active low on chip detect, solved that with a little #define get round (#define usd_CD LATEbits.LATE7 then #define SD_CD !uSD_CD)
    i had to reformat my card to FAT32 on pc first, (new card) so there we go.. for any googlers..

    i still have the accelerometer issue..
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