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    I have ieSpell installed but still find the AAC spelling check a bit odd to use compared to ieSpell and other sites. There are two issues: 1) The scepe of the libray is very limited; and 2) It is plain awarkward to use.

    In the above example:

    1) ieSpell was detected, as expected;
    2) Scepe was detected and the options included cepe, sep, sipe, and cep, but scope was not one of the options;
    3) Libray was detected and the options included libra, librae, lubra, but library was not one of the options; and
    4) Awarkward was detected and the option window was libra, which obviously was not updated from the previous misspelling. Awkward was nowhere to be found. Failure to update the options window is part of the awkwardness in its use.

    Why is correct spelling important? I find some of the misspellings very difficult to read, like "u" and "wnt" for you and want, and searching for posts that have key words misspelled is impossible.

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    Thanks for the feedback on spell-checking John.

    The spell-checker used is an add-on specific for vBulletin. The dictionary install is AFAIK the one that ships with the add-on. Perhaps it might be an idea to use something like the Aspell dictionary - how plausible this is, is obvious dependant on who hooks are available to the spell-checker.

    Alternatively, I know of a UserJS called Ospell, that could possibly be integrated into the forums that performs the spell-checking using either the Orangoo spell check,or the GMail spell check engine - I tested it on your segment above and it picked up all the errors and made the appropriate suggestions for corrections.

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