Speedometer digital 2digit in 7segment with attiny2313

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Dear all
i'm new beginning in this forum,can't you help me to build Speedometer digital 2digit in 7segment with attiny2313,the detail principle as follows attached files
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It's difficult to see what you are doing from the diagram.

I assume there is a rotating wheel with a slot in it. Do you want to sense the presence of the slot, and that counts as 1 revolution?

This is a typical scenario with stepper motors that have something called "an index switch". It allows an MPU to determine that the motor is spinning properly.

If you want to get "really fancy", put an encoder on the motor and you will know where it is all the time.

Very often the index switch is an optical switch or a Hall-effect switch. Both are easy to interface with. I recommend you pick a simple MPU (Arduino, Basic Stamp, etc.) to get it running soon.