speed of dc motor

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i am wondering it there is anyway to slow a small dc motor the can be bought to slow its RPM to only make 2 revolutions per second.
input voltage = 12Vdc.

i dont know if its feasible but just thought i would ask.
thanks for your help:cool:


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If you calculate the speed then you could use gears or even PWM, but it would be kinda hard to determine the right values.
I think it would be easier using a modified servo or a stepper motor.


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I tend to agree with Yoda. If you don't need a large torque then a stepper motor would be the easiest method to achieve exactly 2 RPM.

If the rated RPM is on the lower end (say 100 RPM or lower) then you may be able to achieve reasonable (good enough) results by trial and error with PWM (or a similar method to control the current).

Otherwise you are probably going to need to develop a full blown control system.


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2 RPS is 120 RPM - should be no problem with PWM drive. It might be easier to find a gearhead motor that delivers about that output without needing a speed control. You get torque multiplication as an added benefit.