Speed control of a single dc drive above as well as below its rated speed using c

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    Mar 28, 2008
    I am designing a microcontroller based speed control of a seperately excited dc motor where i to want implement the speed control by combining the both armature controlled and field controlled methods as one. The microcontroller would take care of both the firing circuits controlling the SCRs( two controlled rectifiers) which in turn controls the applied voltage across the both armature and field. Thereby i would be able to produce a wide variation in speed of my dc drive by producing speed above rated as well as below rated speed.
    I guess this would result in a dc drive system having wide speed control range similar to that of a Ward-leonard setup.
    * Whether this would be a reliable design
    * What type of firing circuits can i use
    * Whether PIC would be a write choice for this design
    I hereby expecting helps and suggestions...
    Thank you very much.