Speech Recognition project on Matlab

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Hi everyone,
I am final year student at an university and have a project on speech recognition. A speaker speaks a few pre-defined
words into the system, and the system matches the audio waveform with
stored templates. If there is a match, Matlab returns a value to the user.
Has anyone done this program before? I am very new in Matlab and I
would very much appreciate it if anyone could mail me their code so that I can learn from it and help them as possible.


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A forum search will show several people want to try this project, but we hear very little after they realise it takes quite a bit of work. So the first thing I will say is, this is not a simple (yet not impossible) project and I doubt someone will mail you some code.

In these threads, I have posted several model outlines which you can work to get you started. I deliberately have not posted code, and do not intend doing so.

If you are new to Matlab, you would be advised to sit down with it and learn how to write basic programs. A while back I compiled a series of websites that may be of use: http://forum.allaboutcircuits.com/blog.php?b=56

When you are comfortable with Matlab, then I suggest you do some background research on speech recognition methodologies to gain an insight into how you may go about this issue. Parametrise your project (from a high-level what you want to achieve, i.e. I want to distinguish between male and female, I want to distinguish between person A and B, I want to understand what someone is saying), and try to match that to the various methodologies. Once you have a framework, writing the code in Matlab should be pretty straightforward.

You will not be able to do this project without having a clear understand of the what and how you need to go about doing it.