Spectrum Analyzer Use Questions

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Just had a few questions on the use of a spectrum analyzer. Please bare with me as im new to measuring and using one.

I have an Anritsu S332D and attempting to use it for preventive maintenance on a point to multipoint radio system that operates in the mid 900 MHz range.

1. I take it this is only good for measuring the Antenna and Antenna cable, other than checking the power out of the radio?

2. How do you connect the analyzer? Particularly for SWR Mode and Spectrum Analyzer mode. The analyzer has RF In and RF Out ports. Could someone walk me through we initial connection set up for each test?

3. Other than measuring SWR and using Spectrum Analyzer mode, what other tests are the most beneficial in determining possible problems, even if the system appears to be functioning well. This is just for preventive maintenance.

I appreciate any help and guidance


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Have you seen this?


Maybe you could talk your company into sending you to this class. I've attended LOTS of great training at various companies' expense in my career.

Spectrum Analyzers are crucial for determining all kinds of coverage and interference problems. They will tell you exactly what kind of signal your transmitter is putting out, as well as that of any neighbors. If your site is co-located with a lot of other users, the potential for intermod problems can be huge. A spectrum analyzer is just about the only way of determining this.

Think of a spectrum analyzer as a radio receiver that is automatically tuned over a wide frequency range. You can receive any signal of interest in real time.

Short of taking the course, READ the ENTIRE manual. Anritsu has fabulous documentation.