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  1. soulsurfing

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    Jul 11, 2011
    Hey all,

    FIrst post; I am volunteer firefighter and I am currently working on installing my lights and sirens into my vehicle. I have done the wiring before in my other cars with a much more basic setup, but would like to do something a little bit more "flashy" this time around.

    First, I will have a Master Arm switch which will activate all my other switches which will provide power to the lights and the siren itself (ARM Switch will need to handle about 30 Amps). I would like to outfit this arm switch with 2 LED's. When the ARM switch is off, I would like a red LED to be on, when the ARM switch gets activated, the red LED is to turn off and a green LED is to turn on. When the ARM switch is active (green LED is on, red LED is off), it needs to provide current to my 7 other switches. These toggle switches (1ON-OFF-2ON), 2 total, will be laid out similar but slightly different. I'll describe what I want each switch to have do. When the switch is in the OFF state, a separate from above red LED needs to be active. When in 1ON state, 1 green LED will be active, when in 2ON state, 2 green LEDS need to be active. Each "mini-circuit" will have its own set of 1 red LED and 2 green LEDS (which light up different, depending on the state of the toggle switch). I hope this makes sense. Each circuit needs to be able to handle a current ranging from 5 Amp to 15 Amp continuously.

    The reason I am wanting the many LED's is to have a visual read out on my dash as to what actual emergency light is active (based on 1 or 2 leds that are lit up). I need to have a set of leds for each set of emergency lights that I use, such as headlight wig-wag, flasher for the front of my car, flasher for the side lights, and another for the rear lights. There will be 2 extra switches that will currently have no use, but will be for future expandibility.

    I have a basic understanding of electronics and will be able to figure it out someday when nudged in the right direction. I searched the forums, and found many people asking help with schematic for rocket launchers, but they are different from what I want mine to do. I know that I could use a relay with a open, closed switch, but would prefer to not needing several relays to accomplish this goal.
  2. wayneh


    Sep 9, 2010
    Hmmm... This is likely an off-limits topic, but maybe borderline. Anyway, all you need for the "on" indicator LEDs is a current limiting resistor and an LED
    connected to the line that's being switched. Getting the red LED to go off is eluding me at the moment but someone will know.
  3. mbxs3

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    Oct 14, 2009
    Instead of the ARM switch having to be able to "handle" 30amps, you could have the ARM switch power a relay. This relay could allow power to be present at your other switches and could also operate your red and green ARM LEDs.

    The LEDs for the other switches would be as wayneh said. All you need is a double pole double throw switch that will allow you to wire the circuit to operate the LEDs on one side, and your operational needs on the other, if that makes sense.

    EDIT: Somehow I missed your note at the end of your post pertaining to relays. Honestly, relays will make this circuit a whole lot easier. Also, from what you have explained, you really only need to build the ARM circuit and one of the "auxillary" switch circuits...then copy that for the other 6 "auxillary" circuits.
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    Apr 5, 2008

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