spambots working overtime tonight

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yes they are, wtf? I went to find my question and it's buried under a pile of crap. almost as bad as my inbox. HOW DID THEY GET IN HERE?


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The spammers seem to get smarter.

If you see a spammer, only one post of this spammer needs to be reported.
We can find all posts of the spammer using the profile.

The last spammer posted 17 posts of wich 12 where visible and 5 where hidden by the forum software.



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I know the feeling - my chat forum use dto get many spammers registering daily (but I suspect not as many as here as its not as bust as here).

I made a simple addition to the registration procedure that checks their details against a database of known spammers and if they're on it their registration is not completed. The number of spammers getting through is now 1 or 2 a week - about 30 a day are being rejected.

Would it be possible to have some form of indication to show that a post has been reported so that we don't inundate the poor overworked Mods with surplus reports ?