Space Vector PWM using SIMULINK

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Hello everybody!

I have been trying to simulate a PMSM speed control using SV PWM in simulink, but I did not manage to get it right. I have calculated the motor sector (or angle) and the speed using the hall effect sensors information.
I have also found a block called "Discrete SV PWM control", but it has no text help.
I believe that it might already exist something done about it, since space vector is not a new concept. So I would like to ask you some help or some advice about where I can find more information about it.
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hi every body, im new here, i hope to you help me.
i work to control a RLC load by the cascaded multilevel inverter using the space vector modulation. in 3 level, i can't simulate the détermination of the regions and calculation of the different times every sector. can you help me with the simulation, i will be expose my work soon. please help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. thanks