Space Satellite Schematics

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Hello everyone. I'm doing a presentation for a class on how satellites work, but I am having a hard time finding good block diagrams and schematics that control the subsystems for power, communication, and control. I was wondering if any of you know of a database that is just full of satellite diagrams and schematics of all of their insides? The more websites the better because I'm looking for a lot of examples. Also having both block diagram and schematics is preferred, but either will work.


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Bertus, sometimes, when I think I know what to expect from you, you come back with an over-the top find.

Can you hook me up with a time machine schematic too?

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Thanks Bertus, but the Satellite type doesn't matter, as they all mostly function the same way generically. I'm looking for what all satellites have in common. For example they have flywheels or thrusters to rotate the craft and maintain a specific orientation, power systems which include solar and backup, and transponders/ TXs RXs. Your suggestions were appreciated, but I couldn't find any schematics that I could really use. Pictures of the embedded systems would be the best also.


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I have worked on satellites the key is backups and backups for the backups. The one that I worked on had 8 backups i.e. 8 power supplies 8 complete channels …… The idea once it is up and running you can’t send up a technician to fix it.


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You might find this site helpful:
SATCOM systems & technology study from 1993.

It's not terribly hard to find block diagrams. Schematics will be very difficult to find, as the technology is either highly competitive (for commercial satellites) or classified (for military satellites) or both.