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    Oct 10, 2011
    I need help sourcing terminal blocks for couple of older projects.

    On some of them we used standard two level EBV2-8-C terminals blocks (actually combined out of EBV2-2-C and two EBV2-3-C).

    It turns out Newark is no longer stocking them (at least not the 5mm pitch) and immediately lead time jumped to 3 months. On some boards terminals are stacked together to get 16 terminals (or 2x16 positions).

    To make matter worse, we just received bunch of PCBs to make another batch. If I knew about the trend, I could have easily redesigned the boards but it is too late now, most of them are already populated too. :mad:

    Anyway, there is still 5.08mm version of the TBs (ends with '-D' instead of '-C') so since we only need one or two of them per 8x or 16 TB they will probably fit just fine. But I would rather get the real part if I can, or matching cross-reference. After all this was generic part that should be made by multiple companies.

    Any ideas?

    EDIT -------------------------------------------------

    I did look into Phoenix Contact as possible substitute (1721029 for 2-position and 1721032 for 3-position).
    The footprint should be fine but they are 6.3mm taller (and this is also an issue). 2-3mm taller would not be a problem.
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    Phoenix Contact
    Sauro (my favorite for terminal blocks)

    They all make that block..
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    Oct 10, 2011
    thank you guys, yes they all make them (or something similar).
    this is what they look like (double row). as mentioned, ones from Phoenix are taller and would not fit due board to board stacking.

    Molex are single row in that series, but I just noticed their 3989 series... which seem to be exactly the same as what i'm looking for (hmmm...)

    Checked Camden,their double decker terminals look exactly like Phoenix Contact (also too high):

    here is what EBV2 looks like, note they are two rows, pitch (row to row) is 15mm. And they are 6.3mm shorter than Camden/Phoenix:

    i'm checking others...

    btw, i remember going through bunch of PCB TBs couple of years ago just to find one that is shorter so we can use smaller board to board stacking height and use smaller enclosure. fortunately this batch is small, then i'm going to redesign this...
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    Oct 10, 2011
    i think we should be good, i've found: Molex 398900604 and Phoenix 1725012 as equivalent products. currently DigiKey and Mouser have some 400+ pieces :D:D:D:D

    thank you all
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    How many do you need? How many terminals? I can check my stock.