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    Mar 6, 2008
    In my pursuits of hobby electronics I make it a point to gather sources of information. I have found wonderful sources for IC's , transistors of nearly all types and various web pages describing the unique "codes" printed on capacitors. However the one thing I have had a LOT of trouble with is transformers.

    I make it a habit to tear down old equipment for sources of parts. Some of the material is actually quite valuable. Lasers, HV power unit, FETs, etc. I can quickly go to ALL-Data:
    and find most everything but the transformers are really tough. I've tried all my web sites of component materials like Fairchild, ON, (whatever I've got) but I'm stuck.

    I can Google till I'm nodding on the keyboard but I just can't find source material on transformers even when I know the ,manufacturer's names and addition numeric coding. I found several expensive Panasonic power supply transformers from a laser printer (PJLT-5M76 & PJLT-5M77): expensive, very well made buggers.... But even the Panasonic site has nothing.

    Does anyone have any source for info on transformers?

    Much thanks for any direction provided.
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