source for small Circuit parts, local purchase?

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Im in North Alabama. Does anybody know where there might be a Surplus Electronics store?
Where do you guys get your small stuff?
Zener's, Cap's small amounts of things?


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Even in a major metro area like Dallas/Fort Worth, it's hard to find stores that sell these kinds of parts. There is one store that I know of in North Dallas that all the electronics guys (mostly hobbyists) and amateur radio folks use for that "instant gratification" part you might need, but even in a store like that that's filled wall to wall with resistors, capacitors, LEDs, semiconductors, etc, its hard to find a specific specialty part.

The point I'm trying to arrive at is, even in a place like DFW where people are abundant, it's better/easier to order online...even if you pay for shipping and have to wait, at least you get the right part, instead of just settling on something.


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Hey! I love Tanner's! :D I still haven't found an online source of cheap resistors, let alone one as comprehensive as theirs.

There are actually 3 that I know of in the Dallas area, 2 I regularly go to.

Contact you're local Ham club, they'll be able to help you.

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Point well taken. When I stayed in ABQ for a few days there were two stores that bought surplus from the military. I was hoping somebody knew of one who bought stuff from the Huntsville military.
I guess its on line for me eh?