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    And I can measure current/voltage of it using DDM...etc

    My question is their some standard or lower bound for the voltages/current max ratings of the ports on a soundcard?
    It would be nice to have these. I have a mic that plugs into the mic port and generate about something like 3mV and some type of current in the mA ,...but it would be nice to have a max ratings for these ports so when I build any circuits to plug into these I will know they aren't going to kill the soundcard by exceeding the max ratings???

    For instance if I build a preamplifier circuit for the mic port I need to know the amplified current/voltage is not going to fry the mic port circuitary.
    I know the line in port must be greater max ratings since I can plug in a radio directly to it...etc etc
    I don't think the recorder circuit would be safe in pluging it into the mic port but the line in/out port would be fine and works great?

    Also I just found out that I have 3 connectors on the side of my sound card. I looked them up and they are green , black , white connectors ===> TAD line , CD-IN line , Aux-IN line.

    Did a little more research found this on the connectors

    •Internal input/output connectors: •A CD-ROM/DVD-ROM connector, with a black socket, which is used to connect the sound card into a CD-ROM's analog audio output using a CD Audio cable; •Auxiliary inputs (AUX-In), with white sockets, used for connecting internal audio sources such as a TV tuner card; •Telephone answering device connectors (TAD), which have a green connector.

    None of my connectors have wires going to them/ from them but I do see the black , and green connectors on my mobo as well.
    So I am assuming these are where they plug into the mobo.
    I am wondering if I run a wire from the TAD connector to the mobo green connector will it enable me to do some answering machine thing.

    I orignal download software that worked with my V.92 modem to be an answering/caller id machine. But now I am wondering what this TAD can do??? With the V.92 and the software I could use it as an answering machine my computer , I could also place phone calls with (using dialer.exe or hyperterminal )it but the problem was when somebody picked up I had noway of speaking back maybe the TAD line can aid in over coming this ?

    Thanks for any help.
    Many question is about the max voltage/current rating for the soundcard ports?

    Any help in in finding these ratings would be great

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    Jul 21, 2008
    Anybody know soundcard voltage/current ratings or what these should be kept under. I know it maybe different for most soundcards but I am looking for a lower or upper bound on the voltage/current so I can know that I am not going to kill my sound card with my circuit.

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    One suspects that individual sound card manufacturers publish specs that include just those limits.
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    THE mic in is preamped. use the line in.

    The way I used:

    starting at zero, slowly increase the voltage on your preamp noting each levels increase. When you smell smoke, use the level previous.....with your next soundcard. ;)