Sound, Light/Dark sensor

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    Oct 4, 2009
    This is my first post on this forum and I'm also a beginner in electronics have mercy

    I want to build a camera shutter trigger with a light and sound sensor.

    When the microphone detects a sound the shutter is on. I need to adjust the sensitivity to not have false triggers. To see the threshold that triggers my camera i need the led (L1 Indicator - L2 represents the camera trigger circuit)

    For the light sensor i need two modes:
    1. Trigger at lighting or other flashes (sudden light increase)
    2. To trigger when a beam of light that falls on the photo diode is interrupted (to get nice pictures of water drops).

    This is what i want to achieve.

    Instead of photo diode i an use a photo transistor, but it has slower response and I've read that for this type of application BPW34 will do a better job.
    On the light sensor the battery is 3V not 6V (the 6V is an option because i don't know if i can power up the led with it)

    Thank you