sound controlled timer

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I'm a new member. I need help for my project.

I want a sound controlled cyclic timer:

1. start by sound;
2. timer no-triggerable;
3. turn on a switch for a period (ex. 4 minutes) then turn it off;
4. wait a period (ex. 20 minutes) turn on another switch, 2 minutes ex. then turn off it.
end of the cycle, wait for another sound command.
during the period, the timer do not mind the sounds, means no-triggeable.
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Can it be triggered by ANY sound above a certain volume?

Do you want to be able to adjust the time periods? If so, how? With a potentiometer or a trimpot, or some other way?

How accurate do the time periods need to be?

Do you have experience with programming microcontrollers?

What level of electronic experience do you have?

What power source is available?

What type of devices do you need to control?

Do you want to control them with relays, or something else?

What design ideas have you had so far?

If you can answer ALL of those questions I will try to help.