Sound controlled motor?

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I want to have sound controlled motor, to 'upgrade' this simple effect:

I will put the motor inside and i want it to turn left and/or right(would be great if can in both sides) so the light show can start 'to move'

As you see the price of the item is really small... so the parts for the mod should be cheap and not a lot(dont have too much space).

Maybe audio filter for bass+some easy transistor amplifier can help me? Or any better suggestions?


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Wow, that is romantic...i think.

The first thing that came to mind was a 'clapper' circuit.

You could clap to start a clockwise rotation,
clap again to reverse rotation,
and a third clap would stop rotation.

Here is a quick google result for 'clapper circuit'

It contains a 555, a 741,a 4013, 2n2222 and a few resistors and caps.
You could build it for a few dollars.

If you wanted to use speech, you better get moving on saving up some money and learning to program microcontrollers.