sound circuit for my bird houses

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I am not great with electronics but can build a circuit if I have a little help. Now to explain what I am wanting to do. I build custom built bird houses. One type that I have built several of is fire stations. i have circuits that I use for lights over the bay doors, but thought it would be exceptional if I had a way of playing tones out of the station also. I have wavs that work for dispatch, but do not know how to build a circuit to make it work. I use either 1.5 or 9 volt batteries. If someone could help me with a diagram and direction I would appriciate it greatly. Thank you for all your help.

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Have you checked out Nuvoton,s ISD1900 ChipCorder? It is the newest single-chip multiple-message record/playback series with dual operating modes (address trigger and direct trigger) and wider operating voltage ranging from 2.4V to 5.5V. The sampling frequency can be selected from 4 to 12 kHz via an external resistor, which
also determines the duration from 10.6 to 32 seconds. These ICs are designed mostly for standalone applications, and of course, it can be used in conjunction with a microcontroller, if necessary. The two operating modes are address trigger and direct trigger. While in address trigger mode, both record and playback operations are manipulated according to the start address and end address specified through the start address and end address pins. However, in direct trigger mode, the device
can configure the memory up to as many as eight equal messages, pending upon the fixed message configuration settings. With the record or playback feature being pre-selected, each message can be randomly accessed via its message control pin.
The device has a selectable differential microphone input with AGC feature or single-ended analog input, AnaIn, under feed-through mode. Its differential Class D PWM speaker driver can directly drive a typical speaker or buzzer.

Here is the Typical application schematic for the IC

I hope this helps! With this setup you can trigger different messages to play at different times....
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Or this;
Onboard PIC, eeprom and sound amplifier. Can use any .WAV files of whatever sounds you like. Up to 256 separate sounds, each can be any length (total of all sounds 24 seconds) can be serial controlled, on board tiny amplifier uses no power unless playing.

If you are into PICs there is open source firmware to support it so you can use the onboard PIC to control your whole project, play sounds, flash lights, open doors (it drives up to 8 servos) etc.