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    I received your E-mail, but as my signature line states, I don't help people via E-mail or private messages for those reasons stated, and numerous others.

    The Terms of Service on the Board is not open to discussion; the items on the "Restricted Topics" are there for at least one reason, which is safety concerns. Automotive modifications are not something to be undertaken by amateurs, as even qualified automotive engineers can make mistakes that put people and property in jeopardy.

    A circuit is a circuit is a circuit, until safety is involved, or there are regulations to be concerned about. There are also strict regulations on vehicle lighting which affect safety, so now there are two reasons to not support such discussions.

    The third and fourth reasons are proper use of materials, and quality of workmanship. As there is no way that we can be assured that those concerns will be adequately addressed, we're back to the safety issues.

    There are more reasons, but perhaps the most important one, is that no one that I know of on these forums is a professional automotive electrical engineer - so us giving advice to inexperience people about automotive electrical modifications is somewhat akin to the blind leading the blind, and there may be severe consequences for you, your property, and other people and property around you when the circuit fails.

    These are just some of the basic reasons why we no longer can support discussion in this area.

    You are perfectly free to inquire and discuss as you wish elsewhere; just not here.