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I've collected several "tackle boxes" of ttl from flea markets and garage sales over the last couple years. Most of the chips are stuck in sheets of black foam. Now that I have time and desire to build things it's really hard to find what I have.

I have tried to write down the numbers, but then when I went to find something from this list, it was difficult. I was thinking of taking the chips all off the foam and sorting them by number. My question is would it be OK to lay them, about 200, on the wooden desktop and move them around and then put them back into the foam? Or, any other suggestions?

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TTL is fairly ESD tolerant, however, I would recommend that you handle them with caution to avoid damaging them in ways that may not be immediately apparent.



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Yes that would be fine but as advised take care not to bend the pins etc.
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Neat. If they included pinouts it would be perfect. I remember buying a book in the late 70's that was nothing but 7400 series pinouts, it was a tremendous help for college.


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Yes, TI published it. I don't have the book, but copied the pinouts. The published data manuals were most useful. I have a 1984 Signetics TTL manual and a 1986 Motorola LSTTL manual.


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You might find this site handy:

All ASCII graphics for quick loading, pinouts and very brief functional description.
Mostly 4000 and 7400 series IC's with a few others.

[eta] Oops, Bertus beat me to it. I've had it bookmarked for years.

I have the '76 edition of TI's "The TTL Data Book", along with a number of supplement books.