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    Feb 17, 2010
    I'm an electronic engineer student I have to work with protel dxp 2004, in fact it's not matching with my competencies ( software development) so my questions will be silly :) but I need soon answers:
    I have to make a circuit board (38mm*38mm) , but I didn't find many component in the standard library (offering by Altium), I read many tutorial...I understand That I have to make my own library, for example I tried to make the footprint of the component "TPS54310PWP" (from Texas Instrument) , I download its datasheet but really I didn't understand how can create its footprint with this datasheet , I search components that have the same footprint with it but I didn't find, can any body help me please because when I read topics in forums people said that it's not difficult to make your own PCB!!!
    Even capacitor I don' t know how to make it's footprint for example I found capacitors 0402, 0603... 2220 but I have to work with a polarized capacitor 2816P what this means and how can I make it's footprint !!!