Sony Wega CRT's

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I have some interesting stories about these TV's, like to hear ?
I just found out, by the way. It's one one of those night tht I am charged.
I am posting now cause I reckon tomorrow my ISP will be terminated for sure.
What say u? :D

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It's was just one of those days that nothing turns out right.

What I found does not matter when I cannot fix it.
I'm just not in the mood right now.

Sorry guys. I wanted to show u something interesting about the uC in these TV's latching or locking up and acting in ways that some one like me will go crazy figuring out the real problem.

Even though I managed to get the uC forced reset and working the fly back is shorted , together with a 5 V switched regulator plus the horizontal transistor.

I blew an expensive H out just to find out a faulty FBT. 300 bucks went down the drain just like tht. Not to mention the bought 5V regulator and the time I took to get the freakin uC running properly.

This bloody place does not have a descent spare parts seller. No FBT available for them together with the Hout. Every where I go, they are asking me to find them the same stuff.
So I just lost my good mood due to the fact all went for nothing. Without the parts what's the use of repairing. I lost lotta money on this freakin TV.

The things I do for people and yet they do not appreciate the hard work. In the end it's the same old story.

May be next guys.


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Thats why i dont do repairs anymore, just not worth the grief. Unless its my own gear. Or its a challenge just for my own curiosity.