Sony amplifier TA-FE570

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i was using my sony amplifier for a party and it sundenly stopped working first i thought it was the fuse but i found out there was nothing wrong with the fuse and the amplifier comes on but yu don't get any sound coming out of the speaker please i need help cos i don't know what the problem is.


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Most amplifiers have a safety circuit that activates if there is a problem. It could be blown speakers, the amplifier ICs putting out DC due to a short or other issues. Try another set of speakers first.

Then the next step would be troubleshooting it which requires at minimum experience troubleshooting electronics, the service manual and all relevant bulletins and a good quality multimeter. Once you've found the problem you'd want an oscilloscope, signal generator and perhaps some other test equipment to verify the unit is functioning correctly.

Failing all that take it to a Prime Sony service center. Prime centers can extend warranties and are required to have all the training, service manuals and test equipment to work on Sony products.


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Had a problem with a Sony amp like that. It made a brief click, and all the output transistors were gone. Took it back under warranty.

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thanks but i have'nt got all those equipment at the moment but i used the same speakers that day and they were fine so i don't think it's the speakers maybe it might be the output transistors


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Yup, that would be my first suspect. The first real quick check, is to measure for a short between C and E of each output transistor.
If it uses Hybrid IC outputs, then power it up and check the output pins at the IC for anything other than zero volts (+ or - 100 mV or so) being VERY carefull not to short any pins out.